Benchmarking Study Available April 11, 2017!

Available in NPRC Bookstore April 11, 2017

“I’ve been involved in the printing industry since the early 1980s, working with various industry trade associations, and I can never recall a key study such as the Financial Benchmarking Study being released and sold at the ‘rock-bottom’ price that this study is being offered,” notes NPRC Executive Director John Stewart.

“The turning point in convincing us to release this study at such a low, low introductory price was a survey NPRC just completed,” explains Stewart. “Many survey participants, even those who have participated in studies and received their free copies, urged us to lower the price, if only temporarily and for this study alone, so that we can put this study in the hands of as many print owners as possible, and let folks who have never before participated or seen one of these studies purchase their own copy and see for themselves the exceptional value they offer.”

This just-released study can now be purchased through the NPRC Bookstore for ONLY $115.00 (including shipping & handling.) Orders are processed and shipped within 24-hours or less. 

Below are just a few of the breakouts and comparisons offered in this just-released study. Every breakout category is broken down into three separate reports – profit & loss statements, balance sheets and a lengthy list of key ratios further defining that breakout:

  • All firms – Independents vs. Franchises
  • Single vs. Multiple Location
  • Association Members
  • Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing
  • Analysis by Percent of Brokered Sales
  • Analysis by 2016 Sales Volume (4 breakouts)
  • Firms by Sales Per Employee (4 breakouts)
  • Profitability Quartile Analysis (all firms)
  • Profitability Quartile Analysis (independent firms)
  • Analysis Peer Group Members vs. Non-members
  • Analysis of firms with and without Sales Representatives

A few key facts from this just-released study… 

  • Firms in the top profitability quartile report average 2016 annual sales of $1,052,704 and an owner’s compensation of 25.0%.
  • Firms in the bottom quartile report slightly higher annual sales but an average owner’s compensation of only 5.9%.
  • Payroll costs and Cost of Goods are clearly the distinguishing factors that separate those at the top from those at the bottom!
  • Average industry payroll is currently running at 31.6%.
  • Average cost of goods for all participants is 30.7%
  • Average overhead expenses for all participants is 21.7%
  • Approximately 80% of survey participants were “independents” while the rest were “franchisees.”
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