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Effective Email Marketing Programs

Worried About Sending Too Many Emails
And Wearing Out the Welcome Mat?
By John C. Stewart Sometimes I can write a column in a couple of hours. This one has taken more than three days to complete. I think I started it and re-started it 3-4 times. The intent of ...
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Standing Desks – Are They For You?

Standing Up for Standing Desks!
By John C. Stewart
There are two types of individuals who start looking at standing desks – those who are basically healthy and wish to remain so, and those who have one or more physical ailments such as a bad back or temporary leg problems ...
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Owner Offers Praise for Surveys

Sometimes we seem to hear more complaints that compliments, no matter how hard we work... so, when we get a short email offering praise we are not going to let it slip quietly into the night <g>. Instead we want to share it with you: "Hi John, just a short ...
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Don’t Make This Mistake…

Let's Do A Trade... An Information-Packed Study In Return
For Approximately 1-Hour of Your Time!
Too many owners tell us that they had every intention of completing this key industry survey, but they kept putting it off and putting it off... Suddenly, the deadline came and went and they missed this ...
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NPRC Reveals Findings of Latest Survey

Dear Fellow Printer, First, we want to thank you if you participated in our recent survey about “Industry Surveys.” If you haven’t participated there’s still a couple of days left to participate. Go below for a link to our latest survey.
Second, we’d like to tell you what ...
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Free Excerpt From Financial Benchmark Study

Critical Financial Data About Industry... NPRC Releases Free Excerpt From
2017-18 Financial Benchmarking Study The 2017-18 Financial Benchmarking Study, sponsored by Accuzip, is by far the most valuable, information-packed study publichsed in the printing industry, especially for firms with sales ranging between $400,000 and $3 million. It is filled with ...
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10 Suggestions for Increasing Company Value

Recent Analysis Reveals Huge Disparities in Values
Among Firms Reporting Almost Identical Sales!
By John Stewart 35 Valuations – Even the small portion of valuations excerpted above illustrate the huge variations in valuations for printing firms in this country. For explanations of the
"headers" please visit the full chart ...
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So, You Want to Sell Your Business?

Factors Impacting the Value of Your Business So, You’re Thinking of Selling Your Business?
By John Stewart, Executive Director, NPRC “Hi John, I think it’s time for a valuation. Lindsey and I are almost 60 and we’re giving some serious to selling the business and retiring, so what’s the first ...
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NPRC Releases New Digital Printer Survey

NPRC has just released its newest study - The 2017 Survey of Color Digital Printers, a 60-page report providing average and median ratings and performance data for 36 different digital devices. The new report is based upon input received from more than 280 survey participants.* If you're looking to upgrade ...
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List of Digital Printer Survey Participants – Are You Eligible?

The list below is an alpha listing by company name of firms who participated in NPRC's recent 2017 Survey of Color Digital Printers and thus are entitled to a FREE PDF of the final report. All participants, as listed below, were sent an advance notice email, plus two special emails ...
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Save 25% on 2015-16 Mailing Services Study

NPRC is running a special 25% off sale on one of its most popular industry studies - The 2015-16 Mailing Services Pricing Study. This information-packed report contains pricing info on more than 45 key services and products provided in the mailing services industry. This special sale ends Nov. 31, 2017. Retail ...
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NPRC Releases Hourly Rates Report

The 2017 Hourly Rates & Mark-up Practices Report, a 58-page special report published by NPRC, will be available for purchase on June 28, 2017. This brand-new publication, based upon a recent survey conducted by NPRC in early June, attracted more than 240 printing firms. The new report offers a special ...
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