This is the space on our website that is dedicated to the latest news and developments within NPRC. Some of the news items are for members only and others are available for all to read. This is where we will typically post the results of our latest industry and member-only surveys. When you have suggestions or comments we will post them here for all to see, unless of course you want your comments to remain confidential.

Bookstore Re-Opens With 15% Sale

NPRC is celebrating the re-opening of its Bookstore with a 15% Discount Coupon on all studies. The studies on sale include the following:
  • The 2019-2020 Financial Benchmarking Study
  • 2018-2019 Signs & Wide Format Pricing Study
  • The 2019-2020 Digital Color Pricing Study
  • 2018 Bindery Services Pricing Study
  • The 2019 Wage ...
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A New Look at Company Valuations

NPRC recently sent out an email offering a free copy of a previously published company valuation chart. The chart compared 35 different offset/digital printing firms in terms of gross sales and estimated value. The chart provides a summary of 35 valuations conducted in the past eight years by QP Consulting, ...
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Printers Praise New Digital Pricing Study

Below are just a few of the printers who have praised the value of our latest industry report, "The 2019-2020 Digital Color Pricing Study."  You'll find the very latest info on pricing digital products and services when you dive into this new study. Many printers have admitted that after studying ...
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$130,000 SPE – The Magic Number!

By John Stewart, Executive Director, NPRC $130,000 SPE - The Magic Number! If your firm is going to survive or prosper in the next five years, you must currently have an SPE of $130,000 or higher. If your firm fails to achieve that SPE the chances are good you will ...
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Pricing Study Now Available as PDF

In response to dozens and dozens of requests from printers across the country, the new 2019-2020 "Sweet Sixteen" Digital Color Pricing Study is now being made available as a PDF. Retail Price for the PDF is $225. Hard copy price remains at $245. The new 90+ page study is packed ...
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Spouse’s Salary Not Part of Profits!

We've talked about this before but it is worth repeating. There is a big difference between what a couple takes out of a business in terms of salaries and other benefits and what is or would be considered profits. Remember, when it comes to valuing the worth of a business, ...
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Industry Mark-up Rates & Practices

Occasionally, we receive inquiries from printers asking us about markup rates and practices in our industry. Some of the inquiries come from folks who have just gotten into the business, while others come from old-timers who entered the industry during the 1980's and 90's. Here's an email we received just ...
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Printers Praise New NPRC Digital Pricing Study

Printers from across the U.S. are praising NPRC's newest study, The 2019-2020 "Sweet Sixteen" Digital Pricing Study. This just-released report, covers 16 of the printing industry's most popular digital products and services, is only available as a hard copy. The new report is packed with the very latest pricing info and ...
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NPRC Releases New Digital Pricing Study

NPRC has just released its latest research report, the 2019-2020 "Sweet Sixteen" Digital Color Pricing Study! The new report, packed with the very latest pricing info, and including literally hundreds of average and median prices, is now available for immediate shipment. The new study covers more than a dozen of the ...
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Who Pays the Tariffs?

The Myths About Tariffs? Recently, we got curious about the real story behind tariffs and who actually pays them and who really benefits. President Trump is a fan of tariffs and implies that we (the U.S.) are going to rake in billions of $$$ with the new 25% tariffs being ...
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What’s Your Net Worth?

Net worth is considered by many financial experts as the ultimate number that you need to track regarding personal finances. Net worth is the total $$$ remaining if you sold/liquidated everything you own and paid off all of your debts. Tracking your net worth over time will put you on the ...
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“Pricing” – Where Does it Rank?

Earlier this week (April 8-10, 2019) we posted a graph and some summary comments regarding a survey conducted by RIT in 2003. We encouraged reader feedback and while we did receive two comments, we are looking for additonal feedback that we can post here. In the meantime, we have obtained ...
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