New Digital Pricing Survey Just Launched – Deadline July 18th!

Why Pay $195 or More For This New Study
When You Can Receive It For Free by
Completing* This Key Industry Survey

2016-17DigitalCover-sm NEWPacked with the latest data on pricing digital printing services – This soon-to-be-released study will provide you with the very latest data for pricing products such as booklets, newsletters, flat sheets, business cards, digitally printed envelopes, as well as meter clicks, copier ratings, mark-up practices and discounting methods currently being used in use in our industry.

Best news yet is that this study will be yours absolutely free if you complete our on-line survey and submit it by our July 18, 2016 deadline.

*Deadline for submitting survey is July 18, 2016.

One of the first printers to respond had this to say about our latest survey:
“I was thrilled to see the just-released digital pricing survey and was also pleased with the items covered. It took me approximately 35 minutes to complete the worksheet, and another 10 to complete the on-line survey – a relatively small investment of my time considering the value of what I expect to receive when I get the final pricing study!”
Brian Ebbers
Cascade Printing & Graphics
Grand Rapids, MI

A Two-Step Process Required
For Participating in Our Survey

We’ve made participating in this specific survey easier than ever. Simply follow the two steps below to receive your FREE copy of the final study.

Step #1 – Download and print-out our PDF Worksheet, and complete it at your leisure (Deadline for Survey is July 18, 2016). We strongly urge you not to skip this step.We use specific algorithms to test all survey forms and we reserve the right to reject any survey where it appears that this step has been skipped. Once you have completed your worksheet, it will take approximately 10-12 minutes or less to enter your data into our on-line survey form.

Step #2 – Once you’ve completed the worksheet, you can then click here (or to go directly to our on-line survey submission site where you will re-enter your answers from your worksheet.

As with all our reports and surveys, we guarantee 100% Confidentiality of all data received. Once verified, all identifying information is removed from our data base. Only one individual (John Stewart) ever sees or has access to that database.

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