Download 2018 Sign Survey Worksheet

Ok, you’ve procrastinated enough, OR maybe you just heard about this new survey aimed at the sign and large format industry. We are currently conducting a brand new survey covering a variety of sign industry products and services – items such as vinyl signs, banners, posters, vertical banners, feather flags, posters, decals, window perfs, vehicle wraps, plus dozens of other products as well.

Every firm that participates in this survey will receive a copy of the final 90+ page study Absolutely FREE! 

The deadline for submitting your survey has been extended to August 7, 2018. In order to receive your FREE copy of the final report we request you follow a two-step process:

(1) Download a PDF worksheet.  The worksheet is just that, just a sheet where you enter various prices, etc.

(2) Then you are directed to a special link where you will re-enter your answers into our web-based survey form, making sure that you enter your name and other address data at the end.

Following are two links for downloading and printing-out the sign survey worksheet: 

Once you’ve completed the worksheet noted above, you are then directed to our official, on-line survey site at:

where you will re-enter your answers from your worksheet. Thanks for participating.




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