NPRC Launches New Mailing Survey

NPRC has launched the 2020 Mailing Services Pricing Survey! Participate in this just-released survey and receive a copy of the final study when it is released in January 2020.

Discover what fellow mailers & printers are charging for various mailing services and products. When you receive the final study in January 2020, you’ll be able to compare your current pricing practices against hundreds of other mailers and printers from around the country.

WARNING –  Please don’t participate unless you are willing to take your time and provide accurate answers. We have already rejected two surveys because it was very apparent owners had entered careless and/or fictitious prices in an attempt to receive a free study. If you assign this survey to others please impress upon them the need for accuracy!

Below are just a few of services covered in this new survey. This survey will retail for $195 or even more, but if you participate and return the survey by the Dec. 8, 2019 Deadline you will receive the complete study absolutely FREE!


Be sure to bookmark this page! In the event you you fail receive any of our email blasts in the next 2-3 weeks (highly unlikely <g>), you can revisit this page and find the necessary participation links here. Below are just a few of services and products covered in this brand new survey:

Full Service IMb Services & Reporting
NCOA (Link) Processing Charges
De-Duping Charges & Procedures
Mark-up Practices for Purchased Lists
EDDM Processing & Pricing
Laser Letter Merge Services
Charges for Perfect Matching
Inkjet Addressing Charges (Letters & Flats)
Insertion Charges #10 & 6 x 9″ Envelopes
Metering and Hand-affixing Stamp Charges
Postcard and 8.5 x 11″ Self-Mailer Charges

PARTICIPATE NOW – Want a head-start on participating in this brand new survey? Click the following link to download and print NPRC’s Survey Worksheet. Once the worksheet is completed, you will visit the NPRC on-line survey site, where you will reenter your answers and submit your survey:

NPRC 2020 Mailing Services Pricing Survey Worksheet

Note – The worksheet is just that! It can be completed at your leisure over a 3-4 day period. Once the worksheet is completed, we estimate it takes less than 15 minutes to re-enter your worksheet answers into the official, on-line survey.

Best yet, remember this survey can be delegated to a trusted manager or CSR familiar with pricing mailing services. Simply assign the project to them, making sure that you stress the critical nature of the December 8, 2019 Deadline.

Questions? Email us at:

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